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Columbus Library - Computers & Internet


Monday thru Friday 8am-7pm and Saturday 8am-1pm

*Computer Room Hours are subject to change if volunteers are not available.

112 West Broadway, PO Box 270
Columbus, New Mexico 88029

Telephone 575-531-2612


Computer Use & Internet Policy

• All computer users must sign in prior to beginning their session, showing a current and valid Columbus Village Library card.

• Computer use is offered for 1-hour sessions on a first-come, first-served basis. Each user is allowed one session. At the end of the hour, patrons may continue to use the computer if other computers are available. Once having a 1-hour period of use, the user must relinquish use of the computer if there are other patrons waiting to use a computer.

• Because the library is a public place with children present, we reserve the right to restrict visual images. If a user is viewing images determined to be objectionable or inappropriate by a library staff member, the user will be asked to exit from that site. If the user is found viewing objectionable materials a second time, his/her session will be terminated and he/she will be asked to leave.

• Parents or Guardians, not the library or its staff, are responsible for the Internet information accessed by their children. Parents are advised that their children may access objectionable material. It is recommended that parents accompany and monitor their child’s Internet use in the library.

• Users will respect and uphold all applicable laws including copyright laws, and will not use the Internet for illegal purposes.

• The library is not responsible for any damages resulting from use of the library’s computers or the library’s connection to the Internet, nor can it guarantee privacy of any Internet sessions.

• Printing costs: Black & White = 15 cents per page, or 20 cents for double-sided pages, Color = 20 cents per page, or 25 cents for double-sided pages.

• Patrons who enter the building with food or drink will be asked to leave the library.

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